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Salty & Sweet Treats

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Afternoon Delight


Bring some delight to your loved ones afternoon with this popular combination of snack goods - with a touch of sweetness.

Bring It On


When hunger strikes, satisfy the craving with the Bring It On gift, which features popular brands like Cheetos, Doritos and M&Ms which they can wash down with a refreshing Crystal Light.

Choco Latte


Perfect for the chocolate lovers! All of the best chocolate confections in the marketplace are here with cookies, cupcakes and washed down with chocolate beverages to satisfy the biggest chocolate cravings.

Hot! Hot! Hot!


Ouch! This gift is so spicy that you may need a drink just to cool off after you order it. Spicy Ramen noodles and name brand chip varieties are on fire with this package combination. Caution! Contents are very HOT!


Lil Something


Bring a Lil enjoyment to a special persons day with this variety of sweet snacks and beverages; just enough to put a smile on their face.

Quick Pack


Variety and value all in one! This Quick Pack is the perfect gift with all the right mixtures and balance of snacks and soups to bring a quick smile to their day.

Start It Up


Help your loved one get moving each morning by sending them this action packed morning gift - Filled with breakfast treats, coffee and other beverages.

Sweet Tooth


Show someone you think they are sweet with this chocolate sensation featuring the most popular chocolates on the market, including cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies.


Wake Me Up


Wake Me Up, Before you go-go. Do not leave this perfect wake up gift hanging solo. The Wake Me Up gift is a terrific selection for the coffee and breakfast lovers. Filled with coffee, cappuccino and some tasty breakfast treats to start the day.

Back Home


Remind your loved one that Back Home everyone is thinking of them and let this gift show how much you care with one of our largest selection of sweet and salty snacks, chili, soups, chicken, meat and more.

Snack Attack


When a snack attack hits sack it with a pack full of Frito Lay chips and other goodies. Crunchy and flavorful, the snack attack bag makes a great gift!

Hot n Spicy


This package offers our most popular ramen noodles in coordination with other spicy favorites. This bag is not just hot and spicy, but a great value as well!

Viewing 1 to 12 of 14 products
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